Vegan food
Healthy, fresh and considerate meals for everyone.
Double Cheeseburger
This burger can't be modest. Vegan meat with cheese, salad, tomato and vegetables on top.

Vegan menu and full buffet of foods. That is Veganland.

Do you like good food? And do you enjoy the food even more when no animal dies? Then welcome to the right place! Our bistro offers fresh and tasty vegan dishes.

And more, in each store we have a wide range of BIO products, food and dietary supplements.

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Self-service buffet

A truly full buffet available to you every day. Take what you want and how much you want!

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Our Story

We are a vegan restaurant originaly from Vietnam. Since 2016, we have been trying to introduce everyone to a vegan diet and provide it at the most affordable price.

We offer a wide selection of meals and beside of vegan menu, you can choose food from our self-service buffet, which is full of goodies.

Our Stores

vgl chodov

Westfiled Chodov

Roztylská 2321/19,
Prague 11
Tel.: 608 028 824

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NG Fénix

Freyova 945/35,
Prague 9
Tel.: 777 755 868

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